Petition Closed

This petition is to protect the rights of fit parents, To stop grandparents from being able to gain visitation rights through a court. To protect our Parental Rights under the 14TH ADMENDMENT,

Letter to
California State House
California State Senate
California Governor
I am asking that grandparents visitation rights stop. I am mother who has one child in common with my ex-husband. My ex-husband dosent really care to get his own visitation rights, but his mother fought me in court and won back in 2006, the judge gave her more rights than a father would recieve,

Recently my daughters grandma has been calling CPS (which they determined all her alligations were not true and cases were closed) and constantly manipulating my daughter trying to get her to say horrible things to me, and trying to get my daughter to say that my husband her step father is innapropriatly touching her, my daughter even says that her grandma is telling her to say this. I have tried taking her back to court with this evidence, but all the judge keeps doin is putting in new court orders. this is not effective because its been continuing since our last court date in December 2011.

This is causing alot of problems for my daughter and I do not believe the visitations are in the best intest of my daughter anymore, but I cant do anything about it, I cannot say no to the visits. I am sorry but how am I supposed to be a mother when the court wont even let me protect my child, all becouse of grandparent visitation rights. I know alot of fit parents who are going through similar situations, This is infringing on our 14th admendment right. All I am asking is that you stand up and fight with me to protect our 14th admendment and that a new law be put in place to protect our rights as fit parents.