Stop Governor Wolf from Cutting Funding for Freire Students

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Governor Wolf's proposed special education budget cuts will have a catastrophic result for all charter public school students. Freire Charter Middle School, Freire Charter High School, and TECH Freire Charter School could be forced to cut the programs and supports our children need to succeed.

Dear Governor Wolf and State Legislators –

Do not cut the special education funding for charter school students! Slashing funding for our most vulnerable students by 62% – that’s $10,000 per student cut in one year - will hurt our children. It is reckless and unfair.  It will be catastrophic for all public charter school students.

We demand equitable funding and education resources for the 143,000 students who attend public charter schools in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  These schools are free, public, and open to all children. All public school students deserve equitable resources.

Don’t prioritize your political interests ahead of our students’ needs.