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Stop Gov. Brewer From Wasting Our Tax Dollars on a Frivolous Lawsuit

Gov. Brewer is trying to waste our tax dollars on a frivolous lawsuit against the federal government.  If successful, this lawsuit would deny health care to thousands of Arizona children.  This is yet another example of Gov. Brewer's misguided priorities wasting our tax dollars and putting Arizona families in harm's way. 

I’ve introduced legislation to stop taxpayer dollars from paying for Governor Brewer's frivolous lawsuit.  Our tax dollars should be going into our classrooms and police departments, not wasted in federal court.  Sign this petition to join me in the effort to protect Arizona taxpayers and families from Gov. Brewer's reckless actions.

Letter to
Arizona Governor
Gov. Brewer's proposed lawsuit against the federal government represents a total waste of taxpayer dollars. It has no legal merit whatsoever and is more of a political stunt than an act of leadership.

It’s unfortunate that Gov. Brewer is siding with insurance companies that want to deny care to Arizonans, or refuse to cover children with preexisting illnesses.

Arizona families have already suffered enough. With the elimination of KidsCare, 42,000 Arizona children are slated to lose their health insurance in June. Another 310,000 adults covered through AHCCCS could lose their health insurance in January.

This lawsuit is another step in the wrong direction for Arizona families and a wasted expense for Arizona taxpayers.

Please join Rep. David Lujan in prohibiting taxpayer dollars from paying for this frivolous lawsuit and put the interests of Arizona families first.

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