Stop Glorifying "CARELESS walking" on the road through advertisement!!

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I'm sure by now most of us have seen this new advertisement of the famous tyre company which shows how it's tyres are good enough to avoid an accident that can happen because of a careless passerby who nonchantly crosses the road without caring about the passing vehicles and making a gesture with the hand as if asking them to stop.

If you put yourself in the shoes, or rather the seat of the driver, which most of us can, you'll realize how difficult it can be. We cannot expect a tyre company to help resolve this "issue" but supporting it is the last thing they should be doing.

To the act of stopping the car by showing the hand they say

"Apne deshwasiyon ke is jazbe ko kayam rakhein"


 Watch the ad here..

Should they be really sending out this message ??

There are other, safer ways to advertise their product. This ad should be discontinued.

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