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Stop Glenn Beck from spreading LIES, inciting RACIAL HATRED and disrespecting President Obama!

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The serious rupture among Americans is often fueled by media spokespersons who choose to misrepresent and disseminate untruths.  Many of these spokespersons use mainstream media outlets as their personal soapboxes to impregnate hatred into our society.  However, Glenn Beck, the controversial Fox News host, has taken this rhetoric to another level.  Mr. Beck’s assertions are nationally broadcasted  incendiary pieces of hate speech.

This past summer, Mr. Beck made a number of hostile and racially charged statements about President Barack Obama.

Mr. Beck stated, and I quote, “The president has exposed himself as a guy over and over and over again who has a deep-seated hatred for white people…this guy is, I believe, a racist.”

Such allegation fuels the fire of racism within our nation playing into the racial paranoia and fear which some white Americans have.  Along this same line, Mr. Beck repeatedly asserts that President Obama has a “reparation appetite” as well as a “desire to settle old racial scores.”  Clearly, Mr. Beck’s goal is to assist the GOP in their efforts to undermine the Obama administration’s ability to accomplish anything.  Mr. Beck employs the polished GOP tactics of hate-mongering to further mobilize and strengthen racial hatred.  Clearly, Mr. Beck’s words aspire to assassinate the character of President Obama with whom he vehemently repudiates.

Sadly even in the crux of our troubled times when we should be coming together to address and resolve crucial matters such as health care, the declining economy and the sky-rocketing national unemployment rate, Mr. Beck, supported by many republicans, chooses to further mislead and harm our nation and its citizenry.  Mr. Beck’s attempt to revive such hateful, racial rhetoric, however, is  futile.  Even though over 60 corporate sponsors have  pulled their ads from Beck’s show, Mr. Beck continues to nicely illustrate the toxic and segregated national vision he shares with the GOP for our nation.  Nevertheless, having just lived through the corruptions, deceptions, and lies of the George W. Bush era, we acutely remember those turbulent eight years. Hence, we are not the docile, silent lambs, which we once were, walking calming to the slaughterhouse.


President Obama was elected because change is desired and terribly needed, and his benevolent nurturing vision for the future of our nation is one of integration, equality, tolerance, security, and prosperity.


Sign this petition and demand that Fox News reprimands Glenn Beck for spreading LIES, inciting RACIAL HATRED, and disrespecting the President Barack Obama.

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