Stop Considering Backward Castes in Unreserved Category to Ensure Equal Opportunity To All

Stop Considering Backward Castes in Unreserved Category to Ensure Equal Opportunity To All

6 October 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by R A

Right to equality is one of the six fundamental

rights in the Indian constitution. It includes

equality before law, prohibition of

discrimination on grounds of race, religion,

gender, and caste or birth place. It also

Includes "equality of opportunity in matters of

employment, education" and abolition

of untouchability and titles.

"In simple words we can say it is the right to live

with equal opportunities".

It simply treats all people to be same and nobody

can get a special privilege which will dishonour

anyindividual or group. As per Article no 14 of our

constitution, it guarantees that all people shall

be equally protected by the laws of the




In our country the Upper Castes are given the last preference in life changing facilities like Jobs and Education which has resulted in more than 30% of the Upper Castes being illiterate and a significant percentage of the Upper Castes living below poverty line. Today, the Upper Castes are facing an extinction in Public Sector Jobs. 


Charging of Steep Fees for Examinations has resulted in many of them not even applying for the exams. For example : The Reserved Category fee is either exempted or of around Rs.100 whereas the Unreserved Male candidates have to pay upwards of Rs.600 to apply for examinations regardless of whether they come from a poor background or not.


       When competing for Govt jobs, Toppers from Reserved Category are considered in General Merit/Unreserved Category which results in General Merit cutoff going very high. 

Lakhs of Candidates from Upper Caste families lose their opportunity because they've to compete with toppers from all other categories.

For example : Recently I had written a Govt Examination where I cleared All the Tests. As toppers from the Reserved Categories were included in General Merit, the cutoff marks went very high(around 82 marks) and they didn't call me for document verification because the General Merit Seats were filled up with toppers from every Category. I missed the cutoff by 4-5 marks.

Is it fair that "All Candidates From Upper Castes Only have to Contest with Toppers only" From All Other Categories? whereas Reserved Categories have their own cutoffs. 

The Only Remedy for this is to change the Unreserved Category To Upper Class Category where students from Upper Castes can compete with students of calibre from their own Category and not with toppers only.

In addition to the above change, one more thing which can be done to assure justice is to Decide the Govt Job vacancies across different Categories not beforehand but depending upon the number of applications received from candidates of each Category.

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Signatures: 30Next Goal: 50
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