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Stop Gender Discrimination and Retaliation at Mediacom

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  On May 10, 2010, I accepted a position as a Customer Sales & Service Rep, Front Counter with Mediacom Communications Corporation.  Six-weeks after training I was in the office alone that is when the Sexual Harassment began.  In August 2010, I reported a technician’s inappropriate behavior to his manager; he was looking down my top, not leaving, or moving when asked I informed him I was being Sexually Harassed.  I also had to remind the technician of my sexual orientation, I am a lesbian, and I did not appreciate his comments or sexual advances.  I reported the technician’s inappropriate behavior numerous times to the same manager and several other managers over a seven-month period.       

   On March 15, 2011, I reported the same technician for Sexual Assault to his manager and my supervisor, the technician grabbed my breast.  My supervisor informed me she would contact human resources regarding the Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment.  April 28, 2011 I reported the same technician for Assault attempted physical attack to human resources.  I had a pair of scissors in my hand prepared to defend myself.  I also informed HR of the events from August 2010, I was shocked and disappointed when human resources stated there were no reports of Sexual Assault or Sexual Harassment. 

  Mediacom Communications Corporation managers and supervisors are responsible for reporting any such incident of Sexual Harassment to their Human Resources Department.  Therefore, my supervisor the technician’s manager and human resources Gender Discrimination and Retaliation led to a Hostile Work Environment and my forced resignation in February 2012.  The Sexual Assault and Assault should never have taken place!


Please sign, share my petition, and tell Mediacom Communications Corporation to Stop Gender Discrimination and Retaliation against female employees that report Sexual Assault in the work place.

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