Stop future developments on playing field used by jnr football team for kids with autism.

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This piece of land is used regularly by the local community for different activities. It has more recently become home to a junior football team started for those children being left out of teams in their schools because of their conditions. It helps them to interact with other children with similar needs and feel part of something special. There are currently over 40 children on the books and a waiting list for those who want to join. Giving all our children in this day and age the opportunity to us the open air and exercise is so important. This needs to be encouraged and built upon not taken away from them or anyone else using the land for recreational activities.

There are facilities at the new play area (The Ridge) adjacent to the land that can be adapted so the field can be used more regularly by anyone wanting to play football or any other sports. I propose that the land be maintained as football pitches for use by anyone with The Ridge open for changing rooms, public facilities and storage for equipment.

If we can get enough backing to stop any development of any kind on this land to preserve the very few parts of green land left in the area. We can push to make this a good positive home for this local team and all the community.