Stop fundraising at greyhound tracks

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Ireland's greyhound industry causes much suffering, injury and death to dogs.  If the dogs don't win money for owners, they are abandoned, dumped or killed. Each year, thousands of Irish greyhounds disappear - most likely killed because they are not fast enough. The Irish greyhound industry has also been condemned for allowing exports of dogs to parts of the world where no animal protection exists - China/Macau, Pakistan, etc. No charity of community group should associate with this cruel industry. There is growing public awareness about the cruelty in the greyhound industry and more and more people are boycotting it. Associating your charity or group with greyhound racing can be damaging to your image.

Every fundraiser held at a greyhound track is helping to finance this deplorable industry. For example, the greyhound track takes a 30 per cent commission out of fundraiser ticket sales and makes money from selling food and drink to those in attendance. The revenue from fundraisers is helping to keep this dog abusing business alive.

Instead of fundraising at a greyhound track, please choose an event which does not rely on exploiting animals - a charity sports match, table quiz, walkathon, raffle, auction, etc.