Stop funding natnolised bank

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Government should not give extra fund to natnolised bank in case of insolvency, loss accured by them. 

Banks have taken taxpayers fund as granted. Regulaturs should see how fund is utilised. Since banks are known that they will get extra funding when required they are not working like other corporate banks i.e, Kotak Mahindra Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI BANK. Are they not running in profit, are they not paying incresed salary to there employes. They are doing normal working, infact astonishing, and also not getting granted funding.

Whereas employes of our natnolised bank are cheating our banks because they are getting funds from government, for which they are not asked question.

My point is that employes of said concern should me made liable, since they are paid for that.

If not liable why to pay such high salary.

Regulaturs should see taxpayers money should not go in drain. Its our hard earned money.