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OPPOSE the liquor license application for a FULL LICENSE "restaurant" with TAKE OUT beer and wine sales at Gjusta, 320 Sunset Ave., Venice - in a small, quiet artist neighborhood -- close to Google --- with extremely limited parking and just 13 feet from people's homes!

It's obvious that the developer is making this move to capitalize on being so close to Google and if he's allowed to do it, there will be others following in his path - commercializing and congesting the tiny little intersection at Sunset and 3rd Ave. 

Added to which, the developer has misrepresented his project from the very beginning - passing it off as a "bakery with accessory retail".  If this place does anywhere near as good as Gjelina's it will create constant traffic from dawn to dusk. 

This is going to be a big operation with up to 110 capacity (staff + customers) with takeout food, beer & wine traffic added on.

Some may think that sounds like a good idea - but not in this location which backs onto a residential area and has very little parking!

From a neighborhood resident:

"TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT!  The applicant, who also owns Gjelina's on Abbot Kinney and next door, GTA, has caused serious/serial problems to the surrounding neighborhood for the past 8 years!

He exploits the neighborhood for his own financial gain, and has no regard or concern for how to be a good neighbor...and it looks like he's planning on doing the same and possibly MUCH worse in this quiet corner of Venice at 320 Sunset Ave.

He has misled the neighborhood from the start, leading them to believe he was opening a local "bakery", while ALL ALONG he was planning a fully licensed restaurant seating 90 people, with outdoor patio dining, and a staff of 30 employees per shift.

He plans to open 19 hours per day, from 6AM to 1AM, with full bar AND OFF-SITE (takeout) beer & wine sales. A fact that he HID from the community until he was exposed, and which will drastically change our neighborhood FOR THE WORSE.

This out of character development in this M-1 (manufacturing) zone will ruin residents' daily lives due to noise pollution from patrons, equipment and traffic.

Not to mention the acute lack of parking which all the neighbors experience...and he has no intention nor obligation to provide any!  If he has a massive turnover of patrons per day, it would be a huge drain on local street parking, which is already scarce, forcing us all to park several blocks from our homes. Not safe at all.

Plus, Sunset Ave. would not allow for ease of traffic flow from all the added congestion to and from his business. Pedestrians, and cyclists alike would be in jeopardy safety-wise from that kind of traffic obstruction.

He maintains that he would be cleaning up the area and doing "us," the neighborhood a huge service, when really we know he is just coming in to exploit our neighborhood as he did with Abbot Kinney Blvd. and the surrounding residential streets.


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