STOP Jani-King of Phoenix Discrimination & Free Labor Business Practice

STOP Jani-King of Phoenix Discrimination & Free Labor Business Practice

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Drocelle Benezet started this petition to Martin J. Walsh U.S. Secretary of Labor and

This is an online petition seeking justice for hard working families. Our aim is to end  corporate greed and stop labor exploitation. 

Many Jani-King of Phoenix franchise owners feel that the Jani King of Phoenix Janitorial business is a "New Modern day Slave Labor Franchise".

The reason Franchise owners feel this way is that Jani-King underbids their accounts by so much expecting the Franchise Owners to do the work for free and  pay their staff under minimum wage .On the top of this Jani-King takes outrageously high fees from the Franchise owners monthly. The franchise owner is then left with a major loss and in most cases Franchises owners had to pay staff from their own pocket.

Many past and present Jani-King franchise owners feel that they were very deceived with many false promises of high returns, made to them by Jani-king representatives.

Most of those families told us that they have ended up in hospital due to this bad  business practices and oppression. 

WE ask that if you are a concerned citizen or even if you are someone who hires Jani-King, that you raise your voice and make it known that you are not ok with this labor exploitation by signing the petition below so we can help these families come out of the cave of this oppression that they are trapped in. It is our hope to stop this injustice that has prevailed!

WE also ask that you send an email to Jani-King international ( demanding to stop labor exploitation and to stop treating their franchise owners like second class citizens.

Most of those hard-working families and Franchise owners are not aware of how to exercise their rights or they can’t afford to enforce those rights because Jani-King took away all of their savings.

They feel oppressed because they are scared that if they make a complaint or if they  seek justice that Jani-King of Phoenix will take away even the smallest of contracts they have and sell it to someone else. Then they will lose everything they have worked so hard for as well as their savings. 

In most cases working hard and doing more rewards you with more money, but with Jani-King it just means you have to pay more in fees, and in most cases hire staff that you can’t afford.

One of the many reason why Jani-King of Phoenix has gain reputation for becoming the new slavery franchise. Many Jani King of Phoenix franchise owners also feel that Jani- King will never tell them what their net income is going to be!   Jani King of Phoenix takes high % of each franchise owner’s profit up front before the franchise owner get a penny, the franchise owner has to worry about labor cost, taxes, payroll preparation, cleaning product costs, and equipment cost and Jani-King of Phoenix provides not support at all to Franchise owners and to make matters worse Jani-King of Phoenix also impose extremely high finder's fees.

Because of Jani-King’s deceptive and many other unethical business practices.  Jani-King of Phoenix has made major profits in the janitorial industry, by deceiving hard working people, that are looking to invest in a franchise opportunity, or business opportunity that offers them a good return on their investment.

Jani King preys upon these people by offering them a chance to get the American Dream and become a business owner. They make promises of running a successful business with their assistance and their proprietary cleaning method. Instead, the franchise owner is left with becoming an employee that they feel that they bought themselves a job, yet still working under minimum wage without receiving any benefits.

Jani-King of Phoenix misrepresented their offerings, franchise owners feel they do this because Jani-King of Phoenix do not have sufficient customers to guarantee each franchisee the amount of monthly initial business they purchase. Instead, they breach their contracts by underbidding the amount of time and staffing required for each job, refusing to allow franchisees to inspect cleaning jobs or bid sheets before accepting or rejecting a job, offering geographically inconvenient jobs, and unjustly taking jobs from one franchisee to re-sell them to others.

Jani-King offers franchise owners accounts that they expect them to take or turn down prior to seeing the place themselves. They only give Franchisees few hours to decide. When the franchise owner see’s the place more often there are additional work, or even entire areas that were not accounted for in the contract. When the franchise owner tries to decline the account, they are bullied or intimidated to accept the contract by Jani-King if not otherwise they will lose their initial investment.

Many franchise owners have stated that Jani-King of Phoenix will also try to create a reason for the client to go against the franchise owners by encouraging unhappiness in the franchisee client, so they are able to take the contract from them. Jani King then re-sells that contract to someone else. All they do is flip contracts so that they can keep taking more money from new franchisees because they do not have sufficient customers to guarantee each franchisee what has been promised.

Jani-King underbids the accounts to get contracts and then during walkthroughs adds additional work to the franchise owners without adding any additional charges for the clean. Which adds on time and costs money to the franchise owners if they are even aware of it. When the client finds out they then complain to Jani-King about the franchise owner.

Many Franchise owners feels that they are working pretty much for free, and that  Jani King of Phoenix has franchise owners working for peanuts and they get all the money then Franchise owners are just left with losses.

The fact is many franchise owners feel that Jani-King of Phoenix takes all their blood and sweat every month. Jani King of Phoenix leadership have been living the high life on the hog off hard working families for far too long and enjoying all the money they are rolling in from franchise owners.

In Addition to Jani-King’s deceptive, we also uncovered many other unethical business practices allegation such as Jani-King of Phoenix LEADERSHIP have created a hostile work environment , favoritism in franchising and many more…. Both past and present Jani-King franchise owners are now making their complaints officially known. They feel extremely disappointed and deceived by Jani-King with many false promises.


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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!