Stop fraud ponzi scheme companies and get our money back and save our money

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Recently many new  ponzi scheme fake companies have  started.

It's an  scam which promises more than 10%-40% returns on investing Rs 1000, Rs 5000 and Rs 1000 and upto lakhs   within 3 days,5days or in a month . They have given the account details in which the amount is to be deposited, after which they manually approve the deposit and promise the payout within  the no . Of days. Many people have invested and are still awaiting their payouts.

There is no information available about their line of business.They are collecting Money now and later they will fly away

People from these  companies  give commitments which they did not met. Their helpline number never works and the admins who are running the show never reply on whatsapp ,calls or messages

. Request everyone to stop investing in this fake companies and verify about the company before investing and save your money.