Stop François Legault from discriminating against Canadians

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The incoming (CAQ) provincial government in Quebec has promised to ban public servants in positions of authority, including teachers, from wearing religious attire like the kippa, turban, cross and hijab. Individuals who do not comply with the proposed measures will be fired from their jobs.

The Quebec premier-designate is also threatening to use the Constitution's notwithstanding clause to ensure the ban succeeds.

This is an unprecedented threat to the freedoms of millions of Canadian citizens, aimed at excluding a large segment of citizens from the mainstream, and reduce their status to that of second-class citizens

We condemn this rhetoric, and every true Canadian must also condemn such views. This ideology is completely foreign to Canada, with Canada being a cultural mosaic where one simply cannot impose their views on others.

Francois Legault's discriminatory statements are despicable, and politicians like him should not have any place in Canada's multicultural society. He must take these statements back, and apologize to all Canadians, otherwise, we demand the Governor General and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to prevent him from taking office.