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“Concerning and troubling.” That’s what Lou Dobbs said about new research showing that women are the sole or primary breadwinners in 40 percent of U.S. households with children.

We’re “watching society dissolve around us,” he said before turning to his all-male panel of Neanderthals who had some real gems to say about women in the workforce.

Juan Williams decried that something is going “terribly wrong in American society.” Erick Erickson, in comparing women to animals, declared it unnatural to scientific law for women to be in dominant positions. Doug Schoen called it a “catastrophic issue” that is undermining our social order.

While CNN and MSNBC hosted all-female panels to respond to the research, the Fox Business Network obviously learned nothing from the extensive criticism of the all-male congressional panel on contraception last year.

The Ms. Foundation for Women fights to eliminate barriers for all women – barriers like Lou Dobbs and his cronies. With women currently earning only 77 percent of what men do – and the numbers even bleaker for women of color – we need public figures that support equal opportunities for women rather than perpetuate harmful gender stereotypes.

Sign our letter asking Fox Business Network to cancel Lou Dobbs Tonight immediately.

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Fox News Executive, Kevin Magee
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Kevin Magee
On Wednesday, May 29, the all-male host and guests of Lou Dobbs Tonight used new research about working women to denigrate women and perpetuate harmful gender stereotypes.

As a major media outlet, Fox Business Network has a professional responsibility to treat all individuals with dignity. It is both inappropriate and offensive for Lou Dobbs and his guests to use language like “concerning and troubling,” “terribly wrong” and “catastrophic issue” in relation to working women and to compare women to animals.

We are your mothers, daughters, sisters, wives – and co-workers. Women make important contributions to the U.S. economy, and we demand respect.

We ask you to cancel Lou Dobbs Tonight immediately and make a public commitment to select hosts and guests that support equality for women.

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