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STOP Forest Park Road Diet 2013

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It is our understanding there will a 50% closure of Forest Park Boulevard in Spring 2013.  Any objections or input from citizens according to Mr. Linan would only be listened.  It was declared 98% done and we would have to live with it according to recent studies.  Who performed these studies? It was declared 98% done and we would have to live with it according to recent studies.  Who performed these studies?

Equal rights for all, special privileges for none”  Thomas Jefferson

Common sense needs to prevail in addressing this “Road Diet Plan”.  This 1.5-mile road diet will create unnecessary restrictions on an estimated daily traffic flow of 16,000 cars into downtown Fort Worth. 50% of the current Forest Park Blvd traffic would be pushed to University Avenue and 8th/Summit. In other words the elected officials of Fort Worth feel that a small number of citizens pushing their taxpayer bill of rights for safety are more important than the other Fort Worth taxpayers not living in the Mistletoe Heights or Berkeley Place neighborhoods.

And attempting to compare this traffic flow pattern to Magnolia between 8th and JPS is ridiculous.  The complaints will be heard about the pedestrian and bike safety and these concerns will be solved for the very few people who are fortunate enough to have sidewalks and clearly marked crosswalks. And children should always walk on the inside or stand behind the adults (those not distracted by their smart phones) walking to school.  Don’t use safety as an excuse to disrupt a traffic pattern 10 times that of Magnolia between 6 and 9 a.m. Magnolia does not come close to serving the same workforce or school traffic that Forest Park Blvd handles in the a.m. or from 3 to 6 p.m.

The proposal should be stopped for all the reasons why Forest Park Blvd was improved in the first place and some others listed below.

 1. Forest Park Blvd between the intersection of Old Granbury and Rosedale was improved to four lanes with sidewalks for safety and efficiency of traffic flow for ALL taxpayers into downtown.The re-striping and lane restrictions from four lanes to two would create a huge bottleneck into downtown.

2. Only two neighborhood associations along with elected and appointed city officials knew about the plan until December 22, 2012. The Fort Worth Business Press printed the story during the holidays for public consumption.  Open discussions with other neighborhood associations have just begun.  What was the secret agenda?  Just because there have been meetings on the subject, were these meetings legally posted for notice to ALL taxpayers?

3. The taxpayers accessing Forest Park Blvd between Paschal High School and Rosedale will never be able to enter the traffic flow during certain times of the day.

4. The Trinity Trail is already available for pedestrians and bikers into downtown.

5. The new multi-million dollar bridge connecting the Trinity Trail with downtown can now be used for those same bikers and pedestrians.  It is even lighted for safe passage during darkness. Panther Island can now be reached with new improvements on the east bank. Paid for by the citizens.

6. Restricted bike lanes in the city are not being used on a daily basis because (a) our schedules do not allow for shower times after the ride to work – how many offices have showers anyway? Would everyone wear a backpack for work and travel clothes? (b) Texas weather presents extreme weather changes that bikers should not have to brave – cars are safer travel and are mass-produced for a reason, and (c) bikers have a difficult time performing errands on their lunch break or after work with limited time.

7. If bikers fear for their safe passage riding alone they should travel in bike pools of two or more, ride side-by-side or in tandem with a flag above their person.

8. You cannot legally use a budget line item of $75,000 to $100,000 to change the public use of a bond issue funded road.  All roads inside the city are available for bikers with the exception of interstates.

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