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Stop Forcing Right to Work Legislation & Work With Democrats!

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Hoosiers don't favor 'Right to Work' legislation, and we don't want Republicans pushing Democrats into a walkout or having to boycott this legislative session and getting nothing done because of Republicans refusing to work with them by railroading this unpopular legislation.  Hoosiers want Republicans to recognize that they have not been elected with a Super Majority and that they haven't the power to take control of the House Chamber in the General Assembly without the Democrats present to work with them.

Compromise is the basis for our democratic system of government, and we Hoosiers expect that Republicans begin taking on our business in The House Chamber with that basis in mind.  We also expect that the Repubicans, including those in the House, Senate, and most importantly the one sitting in our Governor's Office start listening to Hoosiers' voices when we say we want to be heard!

Republicans are right about one thing in their recent attack ads, though.  Democrats are representing some pretty special interests in the House.  They are representing Hoosier and American interests.  They are representing middle class, blue collar, the working man's, and your values.  If you have an interest in Indiana's economy, they're representing you!  I consider those interests to be pretty special. So I will agree with Republicans there, but otherwise they are quite misguided.

In the end, if Democrats and Hoosiers alike are steamrolled over to pass this legislation by Republicans, I would imagine that a large number of Republican State Representatives and Senators will find out whether they will retain their own "Right to Work" as measured by the popular vote.

Hoosiers don't want Indiana to be the 23rd 'Right to Work' state.  We don't want lower wages, lesser safety standards on the job, or any of the other negative impacts that studies have shown will come with the passage of this punitive legislation.  We want our General Assembly to work together to enact sensible legislation that will actually bring more jobs to Indiana without decreasing wages, safety standards, or taking away our rights to collectively baragain.  We want to remain a leader in economic development, and we can do it without 'Right ot Work'!

UPDATE AS OF 1/6/12:  The petition is now being sent to Governor Daniels and both full Houses of The Indiana General Assembly.

ATTENTION HOOSIERS!  Find out who your Elected Legislators are and contact them regarding this legislation.  Use the web address below to find out who they are and how you can contact them.  It is important for them to know that you support Hoosier labor and are against 'Right to Work' regardless of how they currently intend to vote so that all Hoosiers' voices are heard on this issue! 

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