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Stop florida prosecutor from charging 12 year old as an adult.

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protect the rights of 12-year old Cristian Fernandez in Jacksonville Florida. Cristian was barely 12 years old when he was detained in March 2011. Using a loophole State Attorney Angela Corey grossly over charged Cristian as an adult with first degree murder. Cristian has endured a life of abuse and neglect. Cristian is innocent. Corey made Cristian spend 23 days in adult isolation at adult Duval county Jail until the chief judge intervened. Cristian is a good kid and does not deserve to be mistreated as an adult because he is not. A pro bono team of defense attorneys is currently defending Cristian against this railroad attempt. Florida has no limit on the age that children can be charged as adults. Because Cristian is innocent and 12 year olds are not adults and shouldn't be tried as adults. Email Assistant State Attorney Mark Caliel and ask him to drop the abusive charge against 12-year old Cristian.

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This story fails to give all of the relevant background details. First, Fernandez was barely 12 when he allegedly killed his brother and there is no evidence that he broke his brother's leg - the mother here pled guilty to lesser charges very quickly in order to avoid potential liability later - especially since children Fernandez's age are at great risk for false confession syndrome. It is not unheard of for children to take responsibility for parents in such situations.

Also, Angela Corey charged Fernandez with first degree murder by bootstrapping an overt accidental killing to a felony child abuse charge as the underlying felony. This is a disgraceful act by a prosecutor - especially where a 12 year old child is concerned. There is zero evidence that Fernandez knowingly or willfully harmed his brother - the claim is that he shoved his brother into a shelf. Corey has the record in Florida for condemning the most children in the state to adult prison - many to die there. She argued in court that Fernandez should be locked up in an adult facility in the "hole" (for his own protection) at age 12 and 5 months. Even the judge couldn't stomach that and sent him back to Juvie - but Corey had already kept Fernandez away from caring adults interested in his welfare for several months and forced him into three weeks of solitary confinement in the adult jail.

Fernandez was forced to babysit this two year old toddler, his five year old brother and another child on a routine, daily basis, for hours at a time. Imagine yourself babysitting three under five or even two or one toddler. Lose patience yet? Imagine a barely 12 year old, forced into the role of family disciplinarian - the toddler is tearing up the house and throwing his urine-soaked clothes around, the five year old is running for the door half naked, and the baby is screaming. What's a 12 year old boy to do? Perhaps he yells at the toddler and shoves him - a little too hard. Then, he immediately calls his Mommy and in complete terror waits for her arrival - where she thereupon waits 8 hours before obtaining treatment. Does Fernandez really sound like a psychopath now that you know this information?

Corey is a monster - a legalized serial child abuser of the worst sort who was appointed to handle the Trayvon Martin case to rehabilitate her disgusting and abusive reputation. She is being opposed by a team of local lawyers who are defending Fernandez for free because they are so horrified by Corey's abuse of the law in this case. Felony murder might make sense for an adult - but for a little boy who just passed his 12th birthday? A little boy who has been brutally abused and is under horrific stress to care for three toddler siblings?

Manslaughter is manslaughter - NOT murder. This is an involuntary manslaughter case - not an intentional first degree murder case. Corey hopes to fool you all so you will presume the boy guilty and lacking the ability to reform. Kids who accidentally kill younger siblings are not known to re-offend and are not psychopaths. If Fernandez had raped the two year old and suffocated him for the enjoyment of seeing him die, I would have a another perspective. But getting angry at age 12 because you're cooped up with babies and going over the edge and accidentally harming one does not a murderer make.

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