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False accusation's of Child Abuse against a Father by Irish and UK Social Services produce large and immediate amounts of money at no cost to the accuser or to the system it self this makes the Irish Social Services system vulnerable to manipulation by ignorant self centred individuals with their own agenda in life and not for the love and affection of the child or children concerned, their motivation id Money, Greed and Power visit MUMS-HOUSE2 -IRELAND

This goes for HSE Solicitors high Ranking Social Workers , County Councillor's and T.D.s Article 40 of the Irish Constitution "ABUSE OF POWER" corruption at its best .

You can sign this Petition NAMEING AND SHAMING those that abuse power with in Local and National Government you also can be sure that some not all Social Workers are relatives of Politicians what they do out side their employments of the HSE along with their friends , relatives and acquaintances they cover up within HSE Solicitors are known to produce " Trials by Ambush" in favor of their Clients relatives and some times use their Clients as extensions of them selves and their clients relatives as theirs , the Irish Family Law system wants to be Revisited in Full and that if any of any one makes a false allegation against a parent and is found that has did so , be prosecuted and imprisoned.

Cases of Domestic Violence & parental alienation of children in care  produce large and immediate amounts of Money under the Domestic Violence Act 1996 this act also wants to be changed and incorporated into it section 5 of the Protection of Persons Reporting Child Abuse Act 1998 " FALSE REPORTING OF CHILD ABUSE" this act is with in the Children's First Guide lines and was amended by Minister for Children Frances Fitzgerald 2011 this is with in the Social Workers Criteria that they do not uphold, and play Mind games with parents / the false accused known the true perpetrator's of a crime against a child, a false allegation of child abuse against any parents is a crime with holding information from a member of the Garda, Judge is also a criminal Offences under section 9 of the Offences against the State Act 1998 , not informing a parent or Guardian that has been falsely accused is also a crime against that parent Social Workers that do this should be prosecuted Criminally. I LIKE TO KEEP THIS IS SIMPLE FORMATH, SIMPLE LAMAGUE.


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    Department of Health & Children
  • Centrial Authority for Child Abduction
    Department of Jusice , Equality & Law Reform

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