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They must be truthful to their promises .

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To save the sinking boat of Humanity.

is the root to all evils on earth/countries.List out the welfare sustainable measures of people once for all to cope with the changes of today and foreseeing changes to come in future depending on cultural values,social traditions,resource availability,ecological consideration and then form a government to achieve the same.Design innovative IDEAS & TECHNOLOGIES to serve the needs of the people without any conflict/violence at any level.The present trend of economic growth SHOULD NOT be the only focus to ensure holistic wellness of the people.The tenure of the people in the government/political organization must be limited to only FOUR YEARS after which new people should be inducted to advance the left out work of the previous government.In the name of so called political philosophies people should not be fooled or killed.A new technique be developed to select/elect people to govern without money, muscle and manipulative powers.Highly qualified professionals from different fields should only be allowed to enter the government.Erase all words like democracy,capitalism, socialism, communism and all other “isms” from the political arena and put right and enlightened people in right place with full responsibility,accountability and capability to deliver wellness goods to people in specified time.We must adopt this concept and work out details to completely wipe out political pollution.It is high time to write new political philosophies for ONE HUMAN FAMILY to arrest the current trend of falsified and polluted ideas of politics to transform the governments from “creative destruction” to “creative construction”FORGET THE PAST POLITICAL PHILOSOPHIES & REWRITE NEW POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY AS SUGGESTED FOR TOTAL ELIMINATION OF POLITICAL POLLUTION TO CREATE A NEW SUSTAINABLE & PEACEFUL EVOLUTION OF HUMAN SPECIES AND OUR MOTHER PLANET.

Prof.Fani Bhusan Das

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