Stop Fake Service Dogs!

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People with disabilities, including Can Do Canines graduates, have legal rights to be accompanied by trained assistance dogs in all public places.

Unethical people, who are not disabled, pretend to be disabled and pretend that their pet dogs are assistance dogs in order to gain access to public spaces for their pet dog. 

Imposters who bring untrained dogs into public spaces cause confusion among observers. The public believes they are seeing a real assistance dog that is not behaving properly—barking, jumping or urinating. This causes members of the public to question the training of legitimate assistance dogs. People with disabilities may lose the right to be accompanied by an assistance dog if public attitudes are adversely affected by imposters and their dogs.

These untrained dogs also interfere with the work of legitimate service dogs by barking, showing aggression, or wanting to play with the trained dog when they cross paths. They distract legitimate service dogs from their trained tasks, causing injury or possibly death for their disabled partners.

We demand that the Governor and Minnesota Legislature institute legislation that will make it illegal for imposters to pretend to have a trained assistance dog when they do not. Imposters cheat people with disabilities by stealing and misusing their rights. We want a strong penalty in place to discourage imposters. Their behavior is unethical and immoral and we want it to become illegal.



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