Stop Fairpark Road becoming traffic congested

Stop Fairpark Road becoming traffic congested

1 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Alfie Podd

The council is planning to turn Fairpark road, a quiet residential street, into a noisy, car filled cut-through by making Magdalen Road fully one way. This is the latest flawed proposal in a wider misguided approach to traffic calming in our local area. 

Cars would have to divert down Fairpark to get around to the top of Magdalen Road. 

Furthermore, cars speeding through will enter narrow residential roads below with cars parked either side, further adding to congestion.

By making Magdalen one way, there will be many impacts on Fairpark and adjacent roads, including:

  • Increased pollution
  • More cars cutting through
  • Louder and faster cars
  • Restricted residents’ access to connecting roads
  • Danger to young families
  • Poor visibility on packed streets

Moving from London and chancing upon St Leonard’s quiet roads, we hadn’t anticipated them being much busier streets than in the bustling capital city!

As a 14 year old with asthma living on Fairpark Road, the latest plans are concerning for me and my family. An increase in pollution and more speeding cars are dangerous for me and the other children on this street, as well as neighbouring streets.

With popular Bull Meadow Park around the corner, young families (including toddlers and babies in pushchairs) will be in increased danger from this proposed new traffic system.

We need to make sure Fairpark stays a quiet residential street and together we have the power to do that.

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Signatures: 19Next Goal: 25
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