Petition Closed
Letter to
HE The Governor of Haryana
Office of Deepender Singh Hooda
Govt. of India The Cabinet Secretary
and 16 others
Chairperson, NAC Smt. Sonia Gandhi
PETA India
PFA India founder Smt. Maneka Gandhi
Director, MFPI Ms. Rupali Banerjee Singh
Hon'ble Chief minister of Haryana
Ministry of Food Processing Industries Joint Secretary (Coordination and Public Grievances)
Speaker, Haryana Legislative Assembly
General Secretary cum Incharge - Haryana, AICC
OIPA India
Animal Welfare Board of India
Hon'ble Speaker Lok Sabha
Minister for Environment and Forest, New Delhi.
HE The Vice President of India, New Delhi.
HE The President of India
Hon'ble Prime Minister of India
National Meat & Poultry Processing Board CEO
Remove Kanwar Deep Singh, MP (Rajya Sabha) of AITC from Jharkhand from the position of the Chairman, National Meat and Poultry Processing Board (Ministry of Food Processing Industry – Govt. of India) demands by the UN affiliated OIPA in India and PFA Haryana.KD Singh is chairman and managing director of the Alchemist Group of companies whose business interests range from food processing, hotels, resorts and restaurants to road technologies and healthcare. The group also mentions in its website that it has interests in pharmaceuticals, steel mesh, aviation, real estate and tea. This group also runs the popular brand of fast food outlets – the Republic of Chicken – across 31 locations in North India. Where as KD Singh being an In charge of All India Trinamool Congress (TMC) for Haryana and Himachal Pardesh always criticize the policies of the UPA led Government, then he has no moral rights to be a Chairman of the National Meat and Poultry Processing Board under the Ministry of Food Processing Industry (Govt. of India), hence Abhishek Kadyan, Media Adviser of the United Nations affiliated the International Organisation for Animal Protection – OIPA in India along with the Sukanya Kadyan, Programme Director of the People for Animals (PFA) Haryana demands immediate removal, dismissal of KD Singh from the position of the Chairmanship of the National Meat and Poultry Processing Board (Ministry of Food Processing Industry – Govt. of India). - Naresh Kadyan,Member, State Committee for Slaughter Houses (Govt. of Haryana).
Matter has been taken up with the HE the President of India office vide No. PRSEC/E/2013/05326 and DOFPI/E/2013/00015 with the Ministry of Food Processing Industries.
We demands:
1. Remove Chairman of the National Meat and Poultry Processing Board.
2. Why Chairman son placed in Board Advisory panel?
3. Why Camels are being treated as a Raw Material?
4. Animal Welfare Division should be introduce with in the ambit of Board.
5. Animal Welfare legislations,rules and regulations should be implemented on all the Slaughter houses and meat shops.
6. Animal abuse needs attention, introduction on new techniques / procedures to minimize the unnecessary pain and sufferings to the animals along with strict compliance of the Supreme Court orders.
7. Active participation of the animal welfare groups in the management along with the strict compliance of fundamental duties as defined in article 51 A(g) of the Indian Constitution.
8. Bovine, beef and veal be clarified. Cow progeny slaughtering should not be allowed and close circuit TV camera be compulsory for all Slaughter houses and meat shops.
9. We appreciate the decision of banning animal transport in goods vehicle towards slaughter houses, kudos to good governance in Haryana. We demands cow progeny be declared as domestic animals of India.