STOP Extreme Heat Conditions In Portables

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Extreme heat temperatures in Ontario elementary school portables, port a pacs and upper floors have a negative impact on the learning and working environment for students’ and staff whereby negatively affecting physical and mental health and hindering student achievement. 

Cumulative heat exposure inhibits cognitive skill development; school air conditioning can mitigate this effect. 

Poor temperature control seriously affects learning. Studies have shown temperatures should be between 20°C and 23.3°C in order for students to concentrate and perform well on reading and math.

Whitchurch-Stouffville School Community is a parent-led group advocating for our childrens’ health and well being in our school systems in Ontario. Please help us cultivate support and change on this important issue by signing and sharing this petition. The extreme weather conditions felt by our students, teachers & staff in portables, port a pacs and upper floors is no longer acceptable.

We who have signed our support, petition York Catholic District School Board inclusive of Ab Falconi - Director of Education; Joe McLoughlin - Controller of Plant & Accommodation Services; Laura Sawicky - Superintendent of Education: School Leadership; Elizabeth Crowe - Trustee – Aurora, King, Whitchurch-Stouffville. In addition, York Region District School Board - Louise Sirisko - Director of Education; Corrie McBain - Board Chair; MPP Paul Calandra Markham - Stouffville and Hon. Lisa Thompson - Minister of Education as follows: 

1. An Increase in provincial school funding (notably the School Condition Improvement fund & School renewal) so a percentage of funds can be earmarked and allocated in providing installation, maintenance and ongoing utility costs of air conditioning units in Ontario elementary school portables, port a pacs and upper floors. 

2. Ensure all Ontario elementary schools have a comprehensive heat stress plan in place with an upper limit for temperature and heat tolerance. This is required whenever Environment Canada issues Extreme Heat alerts.

3. Collect and log daily temperature data in school portables, port a pacs and upper floors.

We believe every publicly funded school in Ontario ought to be in a safe, healthy, well-maintained building that provides an environment conducive to learning and working.

We thank you for your continued support. 

Whitchurch-Stouffville School Community ~ Working together to better our schools