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Stop Use of Harmfull Styrofoam Products In Schools

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Styrofoam is not only toxic for the environment, but also to you! Eating off of styrofoam pollutes your food with toxic chemicals that may cause various health issues. Styrofoam is not biodegrateble or recycleable.

Styrofoam does NOT biodegrade. Most people are unaware of this and some think styrofoam is recycleable. When styrofoam is mixed in with recyclable products, and later separated, it seems that no damage is done. However, this sometimes  causes recyclable materials, like paper or plastic, to be invaded with chemicals. This especially happens at outdoor recycling centers due to heat causing chemical movement. When styrofoam found at recycling centers is separated, it goes to landfills like most other trash. The styrofoam doesn't have an eco friendly way to be disposed of.

Styrofoam is used in schools of all grades throughout Georgia. Few know the harmful things it is doing. Most students and/or teachers that consistently eat lunch off of a styrofoam tray are unaware that they are poisoning themselves! Styrofoam is harmful to eat off of, and the danger increases when hot or warm foods are eaten off of styrofoam. The heat causes harmful chemicals in styrofoam to leach into foods that are than consumed. These chemicals can cause awful diseases and sometimes are associated with some cancers! 

Some schools switched to styrofoam trays/plates/cups during a drought so they could save water by not having to wash plastic trays. Though they are an improvement, plastic trays are still vulnerable to release chemicals into food. The best solution is paper meal materials. The recyclable trays will not do near as much damage as styrofoam or plastic. The paper doesn't release chemicals into food, which is VERY important. They don't require washing because they can be recycled and it is eco friendly to do so. Schools, however, will have to make an effort to make sure the paper trays are recycled and not put in dumpsters that end up in landfills, because that defeats the purpose! Paper products are also less expensive than styrofoam and plastic. 

Changes will not be made instantly, but this will NEVER change if it goes unnoticed. Action must be taken school by school, of county by county. Please sign this petition to make it noticeable to EVERYONE! 

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