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Stop Experimenting on Animals for Health Benefits of Tea

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According to a new report by the United Kingdom's People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA UK), tea companies Lipton, PG tips, and Lyons, owned by parent company Unilever, have been testing their products on animals in some of the most gruesome ways imaginable.

The report says that rabbits were fed a diet high in fat to increase cholesterol levels to egregiously high levels and to harden their arteries. Then, the companies fed the animals tea in their water, ostensibly to demonstrate that if the levels decreased, they could market their product as having health benefits. Rabbits weren’t the only test subjects; mice were bred with severe bowel inflammation problems, and then fed tea to see if it helped. And piglets were infected with E. Coli, to give them diarrhea, and I suppose the tea companies felt that their product might have an effect on that, too? 

In any event, even if tea had helped the artificially, intentionally sickened animals, they were all killed afterwards for their trouble. 

Tea companies are using your dollars to fund ridiculous, unnecessary, painful and deadly tests on animals that don't benefit human health but only the company's bottom line. Animals should not have to suffer and die just so large corporations can make specious claims as to their products' health benefits. 

Tell Unilever, the parent company of the Lipton, PG tips, and Lyons tea brands to end their use of useless animal testing. And until they do, vote with your wallet; this winter, curl up with a mug of something else. 

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