Stop Evictions of Vulnerable Dementia Patients from Sheffield's Birch Avenue and Woodland View Nursing Homes

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We, the families of loved ones with advanced dementia in Birch Avenue, Chapeltown and Woodland View, Norton NHS Nursing Homes are distressed at the funding reviews you are conducting. To withdraw residents' funding towards the end of their lives is unacceptable. We call on you to;

- Stop the threatened removal of our residents from their home. This means honouring the policy you as a CCG adopted in 2012, which recognised the trauma and distress this would cause.

- Where families want to appeal the funding decision,  no further action should be taken until the Appeals process has been completed. This is fair and just under the law.

- Speed up the Appeals process, which should be completed in 3 months and currently is taking far longer, leaving residents and families in distress. 

- Look urgently at the provision of more beds in NHS run facilities. We know that dementia is on the increase and we believe you need to plan for this without having to move very ill patients from the surroundings that give them excellent care, often into less well staffed private facilities.

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