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STOP enslavement and belittlement of Indigenous women

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There was a website ( website has been taken down recently but the women I am sure are still taking part in the porn and prostitution. The address may have been changed so I have no idea if it is still on the internet.  I am unsure of who to contact about getting the site taken down except American Indian Movement. Maybe they would know. The amount of money he is paying and the manner in detail in which he is describing his own actions on the site sounds more like prostitution than what an actual pornography producer would do.  If a white guy was doing it would already be taken down. Simply because this man is a minority does not make him less racist. He is not a native so he has no right to do what he has done as he is trespassing on sovereign tribal land and is putting up pornography videos of native women when he himself is not a Hollywood porn producer, actor, or a native person. Even if the man was native it would not make it okay but it would be more understandable. He has also mocked indigenous groups concerned about what he is doing by posting articles on his page as if it is all a big joke to him. Also the next time he tries to go to a reservation he should be forced to leave or arrested due to the fact that he has admitted that on this site it is actually prostitution more than pornography.   

This man has already been put on alert by reservations in Winnipeg and has a lot of people watching out to make sure he doesn't come to their reservation. As a youth of the Mohawk tribe I find this highly offensive both to true native women who would never give this deviant the time of day and native people as a whole from Alaska to Argentina. This man's portrayal of our women as promiscuous, welfare leeches and drug addicts is disgusting and this site should be taken down.  Pornography as a profession is one thing but going from reservation to reservation to sexually and financially exploit native women based on a sick fetish and then have the nerve to call it when it is clearly just a racist black man going around trying to pick up on native women, and at the same time mocking native American men while fetishizing and disrespecting our people should not be allowed.   The man who runs this site is a clear racist who carries out the legacy of racism against Native Americans. Clearly this man, Shimmy has a secondary colonizer mentality much like the buffalo soldiers who helped the US army slaughter millions of indigenous.

Abusing and using Indigenous women (American Indian) for profit is not right.    They are extremely sick disturbing sexual pornographic images of Indigenous women.  These people are extremely vulnerable and poor.  They have been taken advantage of and I want the pervert or perverts behind this to be stopped and imprisoned.  This is disturbing and these people deserve a fair chance at life.  They are taken advantage of and they clearly do not have a mental stable existence.  They need help and the person/people who are responsible need to be researched and shut down. By shutting down this porn these women can have a chance at doing something with their life and not be killed/raped.  Please help these people.  I am a full blood Native American and the odds have always been against us.  Those doing this porn give them no chance. 

     I want the possible website exploiting them shut down immediately and all of the people using and degrading these women for money and whatever else to be brought to the law's attention.   A maximum jail service for any underage female that are being sold for profit.  A full-fledged investigation of the people using these females immediately by the police, American Indian Movement and if necessary government.  A maximum punishment for all crimes committed. 


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