Stop cult terrorism and covert abuse

Stop cult terrorism and covert abuse

15 May 2023
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Office of the commissioner of human rights (OHCHR) and 2 others
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Why this petition matters

The line between communism and cults is blurring. Communism is a cult, and most cults operate using communist techniques like propaganda and targeted attack.This cult that centers around the dead God man resembles the communist model that idolized its leader. 

It is a known fact that communists employ psychological warfare, and it was quite rampant during the cold war.

The sathya sai cult engages in similar activities like psychological warfare, isolation, gang stalking, information control, gas lighting , and manipulation- that are used at a very young age on their students to gain complete control over them as adults to achieve their agenda including influencing, and manipulation  of these students as adults, and people around them, including family members, colleagues,  friends , and relatives.

A petition was signed by over 1500 members and students of the organization in 2011 against undue influence, deception of its leader, abuse of its students and members(both physical and mental). Over 150 former students came out about their traumatic experiences of abuse and control in the institutions all of which are recorded on the website maintained by a former member of the organization 

This is just not a trashy gossip site but an authentic record of emails from students traumatized by the institution and its brainwashed members living in a bubble.

There have been several instances of suicide by students which have been covered up with character assassination of victims after which parents stop pursuing authorities for justice.

Cults are not restricted by boundaries or religion or national interests and can operate unhindered given the network of brainwashed members, and the financial backing they are able to attract through covert abuse. They are not regulated or obliged to make their funding sources public as they hide behind the facade of being a not-for-profit organization engaging in charitable activities. They are often the reason behind civil unrest due to the domino effect of their activities. Cults act as though they are beyond the rules of law and try to run shadow judicial system for their members or enemies, as most members of judicial systems are trapped in the cults too - either through corruption, or under duress.

The petition requests :

  1. An Enquiry into the Sathya Sai cult activities
  2. An enquiry into how the property owned by the trust, or its members and family members of the cult's dead leader including agricultural land if any, was acquired, given the number of farmer suicides in the district.
  3. Recognition of psychic and psychological warfare as terrorist activity
  4. Ban of the Sathya Sai organization
  5. Bringing funding of such organizations under the purview of AML/CTF
  6. Declaring current members as accomplices, and as threat to peace of the society.

Immediate action requested to protect mental wellbeing of students, former members, and their families affected by the institutions, and to stop several others from being impacted further.


Suicide on News: 

Old Petition and testimonies of abuse are available on  and


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It's the hypocrisy and need for control not homosexuality


















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Signatures: 190Next Goal: 200
Support now

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