Change Emerald cove dresscode

Change Emerald cove dresscode

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Why this petition matters

Started by Anon L

Emerald cove middle school has updated their dress code for next year. 

This is insane and needs to not be put in affect because of how unfair it is 

Stop emerald cove dresscode 2022-2023 from going into effect 

Some of the important rules: 

  • No words or pictures on pants or shirts
  • No hoodies or zipped up sweatshirts 
  • No sweatpants

The full list includes:

  • Approved Tops
    Solid-colored shirts with long or short sleeves
    Crew neck, collared, V-neck, and 1/4 zip sweatshirts or dry-fit School–sponsored ECMS spirit wear Modest neck and back lines, and be able to be tucked in.
    **Logos such as Nike, Under Armor must be smaller than a quarter
  •  Prohibited Tops
    No words or pictures
    No stripes or patterns
    Shirts that reveal the waistline/midriff
    (even with arms extended above the head) No see-through, sheer or netting
    No sleeveless or spaghetti straps
    No hoodies or zip up sweatshirts allowed
    No shirts tied up or with a rubber band No shirts ripped, frayed, cut, or torn
  •  Approved Bottoms
    Solid-colored shorts that are finger- tipped length
    Solid-colored pants
    Solid-colored skirts and dresses that are finger-tipped length
    Jeans –no holes, tears, or fringe
    All bottoms must be worn above the hips
  •  Prohibited Bottoms
    No words or pictures
    No stripes or patterns
    No leggings, spandex, or biker shorts No pants that sag or reveal undergarments
    No tears, rips, or frayed clothing
    No sweatpants
    No joggers or PJ bottoms (including plain, solid, flannel)
    No cut off shorts or jeans
  •    No Sandals No Cleats No Crocs
    No Slides No Flip-flops
    No open-toed shoes
    No slippers
    No Heelys
    No high heels or platforms
    All shoes must be enclosed
  •  General Guidelines
    No Hats
    No Bandannas
    No Sunglasses
    No visible undergarments
    Clothing, jewelry, buttons etc. with words, phrases, symbols, pictures or insignia which are disruptive, obscene, profane, racist, suggestive, offensive, or related to drug, alcohol use, or weapons are prohibited.
    Any items worn that could be deemed unsafe or distracting by administration cannot be worn.
710 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!