Stop Eagle’s Pointe Toxic Mold Exposure

Stop Eagle’s Pointe Toxic Mold Exposure

November 2, 2022
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Started by Lisa Richard



Faulty Windows




Moldy Window Frames




Mold in Walls






Mold & Trash in Air Vents




Toxic Mold in Air Return Ducts








Eagles Pointe has toxic mold, and they do not share this with tenants before moving in.


When tenants discover they have toxic mold, the apartment management tells them to “just move”.

Estates At Eagles Pointe are breaking the Landlord/Tenant Acts of Indiana by refusing to provide a safe place to live.  Toxic Mold is Poisoning the Tenants of All Ages!

They have mold making children and other family members very sick from faulty windows, roof leaks, and poor maintenance.  Mold in the condensation from the hvac unit, air samples, swab samples, and from Micotoxin testings.  This is a negligence that has to be dealt with  


Sign this Petition to End Eagle’s Pointe Apartments from renting units with toxic mold! 

Sign this petition to have Eagles Pointe Fix Their Units! 

Sign this petition to make sure people stop getting evicted when they complain of mold in their apartment’s.  

Sign this Petition to Make Eagles Pointe REMEDIATE this toxic mold! Instead of painting over it and saying it’s “fixed”.

Children with chronic issues such as sinusitis are taken to the pediatrician and then the pediatrician put tubes in the child’s ears, when all the apartments have to do is fix the toxic mold issue. 

People are dying from cancer, strokes, and their ceilings have been caving in from all the mold! 

Sign This Petition TODAY to help other families And your own! 




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Signatures: 14Next Goal: 25
Support now