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                             STOP DUE PROCESS VIOLATIONS!

   We the People say Yes, to a Kent County, MI Common Law Grand Jury

Due Process Rights are routinely being violated. In the Kent County Adult Criminal Justice System, Juvenile Justice System, Family Court System and Federal District Court System, there is a disproportionate rate of incarcerations, child removals, terminations of parental rights, denial of appeals and lawsuits for low income whites and People of Color. The Central Registry is unconstitutional, and CPS is profiting from the mass abduction of our children while Family Court Judges, ad litem attorneys, court appointed defense attorneys, foster care-adoption agencies, ALL work as a TEAM, systematically breaking families apart for money. CPS and its foster care adoption agencies receive $6,000.00 in federal funding plus bonuses every month for each child they remove from their home and place into the foster care! Financial considerations, not child safety, drive the system.

The People must unite and reawaken the Common Law Grand Jury which supersedes all other government entities, including the modern statutorily defined grand jury. State and federal constitutions acknowledge Common Law as the ultimate law system even though the People are conditioned to believe that statutory law and codes are the only course to justice. We the People created our own government of the United States, and the creation cannot trump the creator. (See, United States Supreme Court, Marbury V. Madison) The authority to support the Common Law Grand Jury is pre-authorized by the government, created by the People, and is prohibited from doing anything to diminish the effect of the Common Law Grand Jury. The Common Law Grand Jury is neither part of the judicial, executive, nor legislative branches of government, but instead belongs to the American People. It is in effect a fourth branch of government "governed" and administered by and on behalf of the People. Its authority comes directly from the Bill of Rights, see United States -v- Williams.

Common Law is above all Statutory Law and upholds the Constitution of the United States of America through the power of the Bill of Rights. Common Law is still the highest law of the land, but Statutory Law is what is practiced in our courts today and is held above the Constitution. The government increases its own power as it slowly decreases the liberties and constitutional rights, of the People, which are constantly being ignored and violated.

                                              SIGN THIS PETITION!

 We the People of the State of Michigan, Kent County, give notice and sign this Petition to inform the judicial system, of our intention to VOTE for and to impanel, a standing 25-member Common Law Grand Jury. As People of the State of Michigan, representative of our diverse community, we wish to exercise our Inalienable Rights to participate in the administration of justice in the Kent County Courts through a Common Law Grand Jury. State and Federal Constitutions acknowledge common law as the ultimate system of law.

Each Grand Jury member, as a People of the State of Michigan, will be elected individually by the PEOPLE of Kent County. Grand Jury Members will be elected by the people of the jurisdiction in which they will be operating. Each member will be sworn in and must promise to observe all of the rules, so far as is within his or her power. Once the Jury is impaneled by the People, our committee will contact a Kent County court administrator regarding holding the Grand Jury Sessions and meetings in one of the rooms in the public court house.