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Petitioning Councilman Dr. George Thomas and 7 others

Stop Dollar General's sabotage of Historic Area in Meridian MS

 I live on Poplar Springs Drive in the Poplar Springs Historic District, and Dollar General store is planning to build a new store on the old car wash lot that abuts the Poplar Springs Historic District and the Mid-Town Historic District. When we bought this house we made a commitment to live here until we die. But this petition is important to all residents of Meridian, all residents of Mississippi, and even Americans who just love the South and all it represents. The Poplar Springs Historic District and the Mid Town Historic District are national treasures recognized and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is our duty to protect these places in every way we can. This store in this location is a threat to our history and our culture. Dollar General is chipping away at our way of life and everything that living and breathing in the South means by building in our historic districts.

On a less emotional level the location of Dollar General in this particular place will:

     >have negative impacts on the property values by creating an eyesore

     >will increase light pollution in a residential area where people sleep

     >will increase traffic in a residential area where children walk and ride bikes

     >and create safety and crime issues

Dollar General is open 364 days every year. These conditions will exist continuously from the time this store opens. These are just the practical consequences of this building project.

Dollar General has a place in Meridian. They have several locations that appear to be thriving and everyone is happy when a business is thriving, but our historic districts are designated to be protected. There are many other locations with empty lots and high traffic. The City Council and Dollar General need to find a location that will make all of Meridian happy—a place that does not threaten the future of our historic properties and create more commercial creeping crud.

Before you decide to sign or not sign this petition take a minute and imagine yourself stepping out of the shower in the morning and seeing a Dollar General store every single day. Imagine yourself after a hard day's work walking out on your deck to enjoy a cold glass of iced-tea and instead of a quiet city street and children riding bikes, your view is a Dollar General store parking lot. Is this the future you want for your historic districts? If we don't protect our history, who will?


 Sarah Johnson

p.s. The Comprehensive Plan of the City of Meridian, Mississippi 2009 is available at or do a search for Meridian MS comprehensive plan 2009.


Letter to
Councilman Dr. George Thomas
Councilwoman Councilwoman Mary Perry
Councilwoman Councilwoman Barbara Henson
and 5 others
Councilman Mr. Jesse Palmer
Councilman Mr. Bobby Smith
Clerk of Council Pam McInnis
Mayor of Meridian Mrs. Cheri Barry
A Dollar General Store Representative Mr. Dauberg
I am writing to firmly state my opposition to building a Dollar General store near the Point—the intersection of Poplar Springs Drive, 24th Avenue, and 22nd Street.

The Comprehensive Plan of the City of Meridian, Mississippi 2009 states, “The City of Meridian recognizes that the quality of life in cities is affected by the quality of development. People and businesses are attracted to higher quality developments. . . . All development should be examined as to its effect on the community’s image, because it is the community’s image that is at stake. . . .A City desperate for development without regard to the quality of that development will not be able to successfully compete with communities that are more concerned with the quality of development and other quality of life issues. Therefore, the City of Meridian intends to foster those policies that will make this a more competitive community.” (pg. 1)
I urge you to consider Dollar General's effect on the Poplar Springs Historic District, particularly with regard to:
*lowered property values
*lowered property taxes
*increased traffic on “local streets”
*increased light pollution
*increased noise pollution
*increased criminal activity
*increased litter
*damaged historic viewscape
*lowered quality of life

I urge the City Council to help Dollar General find a location that does not threaten any historic district.

Furthermore, I urge the City Council to abide by the policies adopted by the Council and the Mayor's office in the published Comprehensive Plan of 2009 that sets forth proper guidelines to be followed in order that the historic areas, such as Midtown and Poplar Springs Historic Districts shall be “preserved and enhanced in value as places and objects of historical significance and cultural importance to the community” as laid out in the Comprehensive Plan. (pg.6)

I urge the City Council to formally recognize, as only the Downtown area has been to date, the Midtown and Poplar Springs Historic Districts pursuant to the 1987 National Registry of Historic Places nomination accepted and recognized by the U.S. Department of Interior.