Stop divide and rule in Karnataka

Stop divide and rule in Karnataka

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Why this petition matters

Started by Secular Indian

This petition is regarding the present situation of Karnataka to stop the divide and rule going on in the name of religion. I also want to question for when did India become a Hindu nation . Even common people have to follow Indian constitution but Mr Basavaraj Bommai has forgotten that India is a secular country according to 42nd amendment 1976. 

Being a honorable chief minister of Karnataka state it is their duty to maintain peace in the state and focus on development of the state instead, our ministers are watching the play of Hindu, Muslim fight and even some ministers provoking this act. 

The following are the acts which took place in Karnataka in recent days:

- fights due to hijab row (I believe in uniformity).

-Banning muslim vendors in front of hindu temples.

-Provoking for ban of halal meat.

Still many issues on the way. Seeing all this CM is quite and ministers of his parliament are leading all this. It will not just end by dividing hindu and muslim after success of this fight politions will get ready to divide people on basis of caste this is not new in Karnataka.

This can have an adverse effect of people's livelihood, resulting in more fights, IT hub Bangalore will be facing buisness withdrawals due the chaos , fall in economy and disturbing peace of the state. For all these Mr Basavaraj Bommai will be responsible for being quite . As this is nothing but reapeting the history of  Divide and rule..... 

Politics using religious organisation to all these chaos have largely affected youths of India. Instead youths can be useful in development of the country. Poltics has been curse on Karnataka since start now it has reach to an unbearable extent, Divide and rule of politics has to be stopped!! It's now or never. who ever tries to separate Indians let's all stay togather let's wash this dirt out of our lives for ever. Let's stay strong that no one in future would dare to separate us. 

Note: This is not a petition supporting any religion or perticular political party but this a petition to stop dirty politics and support secularism and democracy. 


51 have signed. Let’s get to 100!