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Spoke to the teacher and principal...

Terri Cavanaugh

Feb 28, 2012 — I called the superintendent & spoke to his assistant, who had no idea the schools dissected cats. She took my information & referred me to Miguel Benavente, MD. He defines the curriculum used in the medical sciences classes. II called & left a message for him.
I then called the school &received a prompt return call from the principal who said my son would not have to preform the dissections. She expressed she loved animals & was not the one who approved this type of curriculum. "Your doing the right thing (petitioning the school board) if you want to change school policy."
I almost immediately received a call from the teacher who explained that he had always helped my son in the past. He told me that he did not make the curriculum, only followed the rules. I expressed my concern over the excitement & titillation some of the kids felt about dissection of a cat. Also was told that the cats are sold to the schools by a company who supplies animals for use in schools and universities.


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