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mandatory letter to excuse my son from this horrific practice

Terri Cavanaugh

Feb 27, 2012 — Dr. Garcia,
I am shocked and outraged that in this day and age, there still exists the use of animals for dissection in schools. Furthermore, I am appalled that an animal many students have as a beloved family pet will be dissected by impressionable high school freshmen. This same practice was eliminated many years ago in Broward county due to the stress and the detrimental effects it had on students.
Needless to say, my son...will not participate in the mutilation of any animal during his academic career at Lake Worth High School. Any attempt to cause stress, harm or isolation to my son will result in legal action which I am prepared to take.
This being said, I realize you alone do not control the curriculum for this course in Palm Beach County Schools and I have petitioned the individuals in order to end this horrific tradition. I have left you messages throughout the day on Friday and I expect a phone call from you by end of day on Monday.
Terri Cavanaugh


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