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Current board members do not care about Animals. (continued)

Terri Cavanaugh

Jul 25, 2012 — On 07/24/12 1:29 PM, Terri Cavanaugh wrote:
I realize that. The only way to get him out of the dissection was to write a letter explaining that my child would not have to dissect a cat. Some of the children were titillated by the mere thought of slicing up a cat. Shouldn't we teach children love, respect and kindness towards animals rather than experimentation and abuse? Do you plan to stop this practice which has alternative humane options already available and was found to be detrimental to students and the learning process in neighboring Broward County?
Can I have your commitment to end this practice in Palm Beach County Schools?
On 07/24/12 2:00 PM, Lowell Levine wrote:
I will speak up and recommend to end this barbaric practice
On 07/24/12 2:04 PM, Terri Cavanaugh wrote:
Thank you so much, Mr. Levine.
I will be sure to post this to both my social media pages as well as to my petition update in hopes you will win the seat on the school board and bring an end to this matter


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