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High School Girls say "NO!" to USA HOCKEY #beboldforchange

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If you care about any of the following:

Women, Sports, Discrimination and or Young Girls in Sports, 

then, this is a must sign petition and quickly because the World Champions start next week in Plymouth, Michigan and without your support the USA will not be represented.

USA Hockey is engaged in blatant and feckless sexual discrimination against the US Women's National Team.  USA Hockey provides very little support (financial, marketing, playing time, development) for the USWNT.  

While the Young Men who aspire to be NHL players receive $3.5M per year on the NPDT  and even have their own rink to play on the US Women's National Team gets virtually nothing (not even minimum wage).  

These highly dedicated women who train 6 days a week every week for over 4 hours a day of training to be the best they can be in their sport and who have won Olympic medals in each Olympics and 7 of the last 8 Worlds Championships have to support themselves. They receive financial support from USA Hockey of only $1,000 per month for 6 months once every four years.  

While USA Hockey claims the Women are not "employees" but rather "independent contractors" and therefor they have no obligation to support them; USA Hockey tells them where they can live, what they can eat, how to spend their time, hoiw and when they can travel. and requires their attendance when demanded at evaluations and other events.

USA Hockey a non profit corporation which has revenue of $42Million/year and raises $10Million/year through its foundation maintains a monopoly on the marketing rights and even the images of the Women  and that revenue goes to USA HOCKEY. Meanwhile the Executives at USA Hockey pay themselves over $1.5M per year in salaries and receive numerous other perks.

The US Women have been forced to go on strike for fair and equitable treatment.  They are fighting for Women, Young Girls in sports and fairness and they deserve our full support.  Let USA HOCKEY AND THE USOC know how you feel.  

tweet to @USAHOCKEY and #beboldforchange 

You will be raising your voice along with all the NHL players who support the USWNT!

Read up the details at ESPN

USA Hockey provides disability insurance for the USA Mens Team but not for the Women.  The Incremental cost of eliminating this discrimination is less than 1/40 of USA Hockey annual budget but gender discrimination is insidious and deeply imbedded in USA Hockey's sports culture.

  • Why is disability insurance for men and not for women?
  • How can USAHockey justify such blatant discrimination.
  • How can the Board of Directors allow this?
  • Where is the accountability?

Executives and Directors should be ashamed of themselves! The USOC by their silence is complicit. Please raise your voices now by signing this petition and passing it on to your friends.  

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