Stop Discrimination for Care Workers not under the NHS Umbrella

Stop Discrimination for Care Workers not under the NHS Umbrella

18 July 2022
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Nadhim Zahawi (Chancellor of the Exchequer)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kirsten Kohler

The Uk employs almost 823 000 Domiciliary Care Workers in a variety of settings, most of the home care workers use their own transport to look after some of the most vulnerable groups of people, since the start of Covid it has become clear how undervalued and discriminated this group of amazing and unsung hero's has been treated  - no one denies the fact the NHS have done an amazing job and deserve the extra's they have received, however, we need to bare in mind they are also the best paid group of health care workers - NHS workers in the community receive 58p per mile - home care workers on some of the lowest pay can claim up to 45p per mile, providing they pay tax, this often excludes part time workers, we can claim a flat rate for work expenses £6 for shoes - please show us the shop that will provide suitable footwear for a healthcare worker in the community, that is a walker for that kind of money, is the health of their feet not valuable?

We had clap for the NHS which was actually started for carers and got changed to the NHS, a comment was made about home care workers in Parliament saying "They make tea and toast" seriously the responsibility the carers have and the extra they were faced with when no GP or Nurse would come out - where asked to take pictures to diagnose conditions because they would not come to see the clients - often these workers where the only people the clients would see - EE thank you for your contribution to giving NHS workers reduced contracts for their phones, feels like open discrimination, saying they are better than the rest of a much needed workforce to keep you mother, father or any of your family looked after in their own homes preventing hospital admission or a move to a care Home.

When the pot of money was received Home care workers had to share 1% of the total, this was to be shared between all community services - a drop in the ocean, everyone else got 10%.

Now the crisis is getting worse, rising petrol cost, cost of living, this is bringing wages below the minimum threshold in some cases.

This is open and allowed discrimination against and valuable and much needed workforce that gives their all for people in need - no one should be out of pocket to be able to go and carry out their job.

The following needs to be changed:

an open apology to any health care worker not carrying the NHS label for being made to feel less valuable for a job they do with dedication and love for their role.

A flat rate for purchasing the Petrol/diesel for care workers having to use their own transport to carry out their job, £1.10 would be fair.

Wages that reflect the responsibility these workers do - prevention of hospital admission being a big one and would lessen the impact on the NHS.

Dedicated support for workers experiencing mental health issues - this has risen vastly since Covid.

We have heard enough promises and the only way to change this is by the Government to open their eyes and change things to ensure people are valued for the job they do, can not be discriminated against by exclusion from benefits because they are not NHS, we all need to work together on delivering the best care possible to our vulnerable in society, so please join and give your signature, it is free but may help to provoke the change for a better future 

Kind regards

from the amazing workforce of all care workers in the industry




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Signatures: 138Next Goal: 200
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