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Stop Discrimination Against the LGBT Community

We recently asked supporters to sign our petition supporting the overturn of a law that actively discriminates against the LGBT community; the Defense Against Marriage Act. In New Jersey last year, our opponent Chris Christie vetoed our marriage equality bill. Barbara has argued passionately for and voted in favor of marriage equality legislation. We believe it is far past time marriage equality was law.

After our petition went out, Governor Christie outrageously said he’s ‘of two minds’ on a bill Barbara co-sponsored to ban the shameful practice of gay conversion therapy. Kids – no matter their sexual orientation – should not be treated this way.

This is our chance to make our voices heard. No one should be mistreated simply for being who they are. We must stop discrimination against the LGBT community.

Stand with Barbara Buono in support of equality.

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Governor Christie
No one should be mistreated simply for being who they are. Stop discrimination against the LGBT Community.