Stop Discrimination Against Cats

Stop Discrimination Against Cats

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Linda Rheinstein started this petition to Senator Angus S. King, Jr. and

Service Cats are Real they are NOT all Emotional Support Animals they perform true Medical Alert Service just like a Dog.  It's time to officially Recognize that and have accredited Service Cats added to the American with Disabilities Act "ADA".   End Discrimination Today

To Whom It May Concern:
Many people, like me, rely on their non-canine service animals every day and need them to travel. My Name is Linda Rheinstein.  I am a World traveler, Sports Broadcasting Hall of Famer, multi-award winning producer, entrepreneur and futurist, who is now taking sports to space as the CEO of the Space Games Federation.®  I could not accomplish all these things if I was unable to travel with a CAT EVERYWHERE I GO and have been doing that for nearly 8 years now.
Abuses of service animal policies by some should not preclude those who truly need feline service animals from traveling.  For me, my medical service cat, Nicky, is absolutely necessary.  I’m a 10 Year Cancer Survivor, partly due to the fact I adopted a cat who, amazingly, can warn me when my immune system is crashing.  Although I live with disability, it does not define me.  Thanks to Nicky, I can continue doing my job and living a somewhat normal life. You can learn more about our story in this video.
Why did I need to make a video to tell our story -- now a mission -- to get Cats added to the ADA along with Dogs and Miniature Horses?
Because CATS can do what Dogs do when it comes to true Medical Service.
I did NOT believe that Statement until it happened to me.  Now I have proof as a cancer survivor living with the aftereffects.  My cat Nicky has gone through extensive service animal training, usually reserved for dogs, and is more qualified, quieter, smaller and better behaved than many a service dog I have seen.  Fellow passengers marvel at how good he is.
Yet, despite my doctor’s notes and Nicky’s service dog certification, I have repeatedly been discriminated against.  Over these last 7 years I have dealt with numerous hassles, embarrassments, disagreements, and arguments from every type of establishment.
Not only because he is a Cat Registered as a Service Dog….but because of the OVERWHELMING abuse of the System with Emotional Support Animals.
Stricter requirements for Medical Service Animals, NOT banning all cats, is the answer.  It’s time to update the ADA, DOT and DOJ policies to have a true Medical Service Animal Certification, which can include dogs, cats and miniature horses – if qualified.  Such credentials would identify true service animals much like is already done with the TSA.  Service Animal Documents from both a medical doctor and a veterinarian, with annual renewals, could be used. Certified Service Animals would receive a registration number that can be entered into Booking Codes from airports, hotels and even restaurants.  This would curb current abuses and ensure people who legitimately need to travel with their animals can still do so.
Please help make this a reality. Sign the, spread the message, let all your Government officials know you agree please.
Thank you,
Ms. Linda Rheinstein

#DYK: in the US Almost 32 million households own a cat, 48 million own a Dog and only 890,000 own a Horse

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!