Stop disability discrimination. Let’s welcome migrants/ refugees with disabilities.

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Two years ago, I fought a long, unnecessary legal battle to keep my then five year old, mildly autistic son in Australia. He was denied temporary residence because people with disabilities are considered a burden on Australian society. I’m calling on the government to change migration laws so people with disabilities are treated fairly.

A temporary resident can’t even access services under Medicare, yet my son was denied his visa on grounds that he’ll be a burden on the health system. This is pure discrimination against people with disabilities. Nobody should be forced to leave the country or denied entry because of their health situation or disability.

I work as a nurse in Adelaide. Throughout the pandemic, I served as a frontline worker in an aged care centre. I consider Australia as my home and want to do everything I can to serve the society. But I’m heartbroken by the way Australia has treated my son.

I am forced to live separately from my wife and child because of the cruel laws that discriminate against people like my son. He’s completely independent in his daily activities and has good verbal communication but this shouldn’t determine whether or not he’s good enough to live in Australia.

It’s been hard on us as a family to live apart from each other. I hope to apply for a permanent residency for all of us again soon. I want the discriminatory law to change before that because nobody deserves to be treated this way.

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