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Mr. Joseph G. Mansour, Principal and Found of Accord LLC is requesting that the corner area which includes 7 lots on HPR and 2 lots on Longhorn Skyway be replatted to be one large commercial lot. The Travis County Commissioners Court will be taking public comments and voting to approve this matter. Date & time of court date March 6th at 9am. Those who wish to speak must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the meeting.

Once the land is replatted, any commercial developer can come in and do what he/she pleases with the property.


- Office space will be the headquarters for Mr. Mansour and team of 7 people.  

- No other tenants are lined up at this time.
- Mr. Mansour has verbalized immediate plans for a 10,000 sq foot space, an additional 12,000 sq foot space will be added if phase 1 succeeds.
- The plans submitted to the county show several variations of drawings.
- A ground floor fitness center is planned, but not included in the drawings (Mansour stated the fitness center was for his personal use.)
- Current drawings call for 100 parking spots and 41,000 square foot of space (two office buildings).
- Mr. Mansour stated the main entrance to the business park will be on Longhorn Skyway and not HPR. This is not on the drawings, but what was verbalized.
- Mr. Mansour indicated a traffic light is planned for HPR and Longhorn Skyway by TxDOT. (Unconfirmed.)
- The current Deer Creek Sign and oak trees at the corner of Longhorn Skyway and HPR are now the property of Mansour.  
- The corner will now be a retention pond according to drawings.
- Replatting includes two residential lots in addition to seven commercial lots.
1972 platting drawings do not indicate that they would be commercial lots.
- Mr. Mansour stated his purchase of the lots was an entitlement takeover procedure of a proposed retail center.
- What’s on file is different than what they are doing.


- If the county approves this change to our plat, they will be breaking faith with all of the citizens of the county who have relied on the laws governing plats and usage. 

- People who have purchased homes in Good Faith knowing that their neighbors would be other residents rather than commercial enterprises, be they offices, retail, or even other more obnoxious usage.

Roads, Traffic and Safety
- Long history of accidents at LS & HPR
- Life Flight has lifted people out several times in the past few years.
- Many more incidents have occured at Longhorn Skyway and HPR that have not been officially recorded.
- We need turn lanes and expanded shoulders more than a traffic light. A traffic light would back up traffic on HPR.
- The roads will become more hazardous without turning lanes in each direction and widening of the shoulders.
- TxDOT needs to weigh in.
- If approved, the number of deadly and/or injurious auto accidents at or near the intersection of  Hamilton Pool Road and Longhorn Skyway will increase financial and emotional harm to our residents.
- If approved, the number of large trucks accessing this site will heighten the danger of further auto accidents.
- Hamilton Pool Road does not support the increased traffic it already has.

Water -- Deer Creek Water Co.
- Water infrastructure; Water in and water out; Inadequate Fire Flow; Hydrant viability -- have the hydrants been inspected and reported annually? Old water pipes may collapse; Supply and reliability; Quality issues.; Additional burden on our already weak water delivery system; Frequent water outages; Line breaks;
- The Fire Department does not touch the hydrants in the County until there is a fire and they hope they work. It’s not their responsibility. They hope for the best.
- The water supply cannot support these kinds of emergencies. We have interruptions all the time as it is. Required Fire flow alone will collapse the system.
- Nothing is digitized or electronically connected with the fire department. Records are kept in a notebook.
- DCWC is a one-off. It proceeded Fire Station 603 being built.
- Deer Creek Water is in receivership by PUA and being sold to Canyon Lake Water Service Co.
- We can’t trust that improper business practices have not occurred based on a long history with the water company and Sam Hammett. (Were the eight lots on HPR sold or brokered as a deal to pay off debt?)
- The water system is in a shambles and not ready for prime time with an expanding commercial development.  

- Run off into Rocky Creek tributary into Rocky Creek, and in turn into Barton Creek watershed.
- Runoff water and impervious cover have huge implications for the land and environment.
- The project may be in violation of the impervious cover requirements for Travis County.
- Possible “dripping spring” at property line of Lot 11 and Lot 12 needs looking into. It would butt up to the proposed septic drain field of proposed developer plan. It’s also a natural watershed that should not be bulldozed.
- The construction of a required water runoff catchment detention pond area designed as a berm will likely kill three Live Oak trees of 8” or greater diameter located at the corner of Longhorn Skyway and Hamilton Pool Road.
- Hamilton Pool Road is a designated Scenic Corridor.

Residential Health, Welfare and Safety
- Health and welfare of residents in paramount. This proposed development brings with it all kinds of transitional safety issues and long term static issues.

Loss of Home Values
- As the neighborhood loses its country living appeal and becomes a business district our land values are compromised.  
- Each domino that falls along HPR effects the all.
- You can't put a city where a country is. It’s like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. These lots were never meant to be a commercial spot.

Dark Sky
- This is not a Commissioners Court issue, but Dark Sky compliance is a must.

If you oppose the replatting of these lots it’s vital you send a note to the Commissioners letting them know how you feel:

Contact info for Commissioners and staff:

Your expertise and help is needed. Do you have time to investigate some of the concerns above? Do you have good communication and social media skills to help keep folks informed and get the word out? What skills or knowledge do you have that can help this effort? It’s time for action if you feel passionately about development creeping into our front yard on HPR.
Please sign the petition. No need for donations at this time.

Thank you

Residents of Vistancia & Deer Creek Ranch



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