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Petitioning New York City Department of City Planning Amanda Burden



We ask Amanda Burden of New York City Department of City Planning to consider our alternate plan to be presented on October 1st 2013 of the Domino Sugar Refinery.

SAVE DOMINO is about preserving the future of America and to protect historical structures that identify who we are.  This starts by looking at the adverse effects of overdevelopment in cities today.  Our main focus is to uphold the heritage and architecture of the entire Domino Sugar Refinery and the outlining communities of Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and Bushwick.

Be a part of history as we aim to redesign one of the most iconic American industrial structures online with your support.  Let's reuse and readapt to bring art, culture, science, and green collar jobs to create means for a more verdant future, not more condo's and cookie cutter retail.

Domino affects you, more than you know.  Did you know the Domino Sugar Refinery is an eleven acre site in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn?  Did you also know it’s slated for demolition in August 2013 and will be a 15-year construction project?

A better plan exists and it starts with you, because we all want the same,

End economic segregation and the "RICH DOOR, POOR DOOR" practice

Have more infrastructure over anymore development

To eliminate air & noise pollution affecting our health

To demand safe asbestos removal of our buildings in our community

To demand sustainable green guidelines in new construction

Prevent culture deprivation and mono culture destroying diversity

Instill a level of affordability for the community

To seek truth in real estate planning

To have more green space and protect our natural environment



Letter to
New York City Department of City Planning Amanda Burden
We the people would like to present our alternate plan to redevelop the current eleven acre Domino Sugar Refinery marking the 50th anniversary of the destruction of Penn Station. We would like to present our concept and renderings on September 14th 2013.

We have arrived at a turning point in Williamsburg, Brooklyn as the “decade of the developer” has completely destroyed our community. The albatross facing Domino Sugar is being fed from the insatiable appetite of developers as they gorge themselves in the number one real estate market in America. The endless repetition of redundant glass boxes is wiping out our heritage and homegrown habitat of the most lauded historic structures.

The perpetual promise of “affordable” housing while creating meager paying jobs for the working class in bedroom communities is their version of economic stimulus. As Two Trees destroys the majestic Domino Sugar Refinery our quality of life will be compromised. To begin, the lack of infrastructure will create overwhelming traffic, dangerous commuter and pedestrian conditions, and staggering levels of pollution. Yes, you the taxpayer will brunt the new costs of stoplights, sewage, bridge repairs, paved sidewalks, and “state of the art” flood walls. Think about all the trips to the hospital for your kids to treat upper respiratory infections and asthma due to all asbestos, dust, lead paint, and particulate matter being thrown into the air. Then when all is said and done, consider for a moment how a developer can protect or evacuate thousands of families from expected storm surges and flooding by the year 2028, when all the towering luxury condo’s embedded in concrete on “flood plain a” are complete. Needless to say, American taxpayers should start saving those pennies as it will be open season for the next round of tax-generated federal disaster money to kick in.

All this would be avoidable if Big Banks, Developers and Government actually cared about how to create a positive healthy community. This requires the need to preserve a mix of social classes, reuse and readapt to existing buildings rather than more dormitories, implement more strict green guidelines in development, and to understand the bottom line needs of a community, not the developer. If developers are profiting, then shouldn’t they be footing the bill for extra infrastructure and not the taxpayer? In the end, it’s the people who need to know the externalities of development. What is the cost, who’s paying, and at who’s loss?

SAVEDOMINO.ORG has a plan. Our plan is simple. To design a zero carbon, zero waste, self-sustainable alternative to more luxury apartments. To bring tourism into the new cultural corridor of Brooklyn, to bring green collar jobs in tech manufacturing and exploration to teach kids the hands on skills for tomorrow. We have the best of the best working with us in air & space exploration, architecture, aquaponics, biology, economics, farming, geology, oceanography, and urban planning.

We look to you to take a leap of faith and be bold. Demand more from developers and work with us in being the lynchpin in developing our city.

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