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Stop Deportation of Domestic Abuse Survivor Irma Medrano to Certain Torture


Forty-four-year old Irma Medrano fled El Salvador in 1995, where she  lived a life of terror at the hands of an abusive husband. Medrano was repeatedly beaten, strangled with a belt and threatened with death. She was forced to watch as her husband submerged her children in corn, restrained them under piles of bricks, broke her daughter's nose and ripped her newphew's earlobe. 

Ms. Medrano reported her abuser to the Salvadoran police, who did nothing to protect her. Ms. Medrano had no choice but to leave the country. If Irma Medrano returns to El Salvador, she and her sister insist, she might never bee seen again.

Though she testified early on to the extensive abuse, Ms. Medrano was not aware that she could apply for asylum until after an immigration judge ordered her to leave the U.S. Her new attorneys have filed a motion with the Justice Department that would allow her to apply for asylum. The Justice Department has not yet ruled on the motion, and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) denied her request to wait for the Justice Department's decision before deporting her.  As it now stands, without a swift decision or government intervention, Irma Medrano will be deported any day now to El Salvador where, as she told the Justice Department, she "will face certain torture or even death."

Sign the petition to tell Congressional Representatives and DHS that you value Ms. Medrano's -- and every woman's -- life, and that you urge them to remove the deportation order and allow Ms. Medrano to apply for protection under U.S. asylum law.

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