Stop deportation of Aussie born Khevin and his mum Neelam.

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Khevin is my son’s best friend. He’s a bright, engaging 11 y/o Melbourne born kid who loves the AFL and wants to become a scientist when he grows up. Right now, his entire future stands in limbo because he and his beautiful mum, Neelam, are facing deportation. I’m calling on the Immigration Minister to please intervene and let this family stay.

Khevin and his mum are much-loved Mt Dandy community members. They don’t deserve to be uprooted from their home. Neelam has been doing absolutely everything to provide a good life for her son. She earned a qualification as a chef and landed a job at a local cafe which had promised to sponsor her on a 457 visa.

Neelam worked in poor conditions 10 hours a day, everyday of the week to fulfil her visa requirements. As she approached the completion of the agreement with her sponsor, they pulled out unexpectedly, leaving her with no income. 

Neelam and Khevin are core members of our community. Khevin is part of the local cricket and footy club and everyone loves him. Neelam is a hardworking woman who’s been paying taxes for 12 years but has no support from the government. It is totally unjust that the system lets her ex-employer go scot-free while Neelam and Khevin suffer from his actions. 

Our local community has been rallying around this little family to help them in any way we can - from helping out with food, rent assistance, supporting with Khevin’s sports supplies, etc. Please join me in calling for a Ministerial intervention on compassionate grounds to let this adored family stay where they belong.


“It would be so unfair for Khevin to leave Mt Dandy. He would lose his friends, his community and his home and Khevin is just so nice.”
– Al, Grade 4.

"I want Khevin to stay because he has an extraordinary personality and is delightful to be with. He is a humorous, clever, bright and will always help you out in a difficult situation. Khevin is my best friend and we all want him to stay. He is just such an amazing person and I hope things go well for him." 
-Stella,  Grade 5

"Khevin is one of the smartest kids I know, he has a great future ahead of him. It would be terrible if he couldn’t continue his education at Mt Dandenong primary school." 
- Audrey, Grade 5.

"Khevin is a smart, independent, caring person. If he was to leave everyone would be devastated. 
He needs to stay because lots of people care about him and some rely on him. And he is still to achieve many things here in Mt Dandenong."
- Rio, Grade 5 

"I clearly remember the day Khevin walked into the Prep classroom, and from that moment I knew we would be friends. 
He's always been a helpful and caring friend and he is always there for you when you're down. If he was to go it would break many hearts in the community."
- James, Grade 5

"He is a good friend. If he moved we would be very sad and it won't be the same without him."
- Ruby, Prep L

"Khevin is a kind, caring friend. He has always been out there for everyone and it would not be fair to make him go. He has always been a good citizen in the community and he needs to stay because he has to kick his first goal in footy!!!"
- Will, Grade 5