Stop denying flats to bachelors because they are bachelors!

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Hi! I am a bachelor. I have been looking for a flat in Bangalore for last 3-4 months. Why am I not able to find flats? Following reasons come to my mind (and the stats are my personal experience):

  1. I don't like what I see - 10% cases.
  2. Rent is too high - 5% cases.
  3. Flat owners don't allow bachelors to rent their house - 40% cases.
  4. Apartment Association doesn't allow bachelors to move in - 45% cases.

I have tried brokers. There is only one answer that I get from them - "I don't have any flats for bachelors as of now." 

There have been cases where the owner initially said that he is fine with bachelors, but a couple of days later, when he has found a family to rent the house to, states that he doesn't want bachelors.

There have been cases where for bachelors, the rent is increased by 30-40% as compared to family tenants.

There have been cases where bachelors are allowed in the apartment complex's clubhouse for only 1 hour a day and that too only on weekdays with timing being morning 6-7.

There have been cases where pets are allowed in the house, but bachelors are not.

I wonder what might be the reason behind all this.

What wrong have bachelors done?

I understand that there are bachelors who can be a nuance, but what fraction of the entire bachelor population is it?

Are these nuances being handled the right way?

Is denying bachelors a flat to live in, the right way to curb these nuances?

Can Bangalore sustain without its bachelor population?

What happens if young engineers stop moving to Bangalore?

I want to find answers to these.

I hereby request support from each and every one who want to support bachelors in their quest for a place to live in. The motive behind this petition is for the president of FAAB (Federation of Apartment Associations Bengaluru), Mr. CSV Prasad, the General Secretary, Mr. Shiva Kumar.S. and the Joint Secretary, Mr. Sampath Kumar to hear us out.

I am sure policies can be incorporated that would ensure peaceful living for both families and bachelors.

I am sure we all can live together.

Thank you!

P.S.: The picture is borrowed from NestAway.