Stop deleting artists from Instagram & Twitter-adapt the platform for Art Nude photography

Stop deleting artists from Instagram & Twitter-adapt the platform for Art Nude photography

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In today's world, where people are fighting inequality and discrimination at every step, where talent is much more expensive than education, such a gigantic social network as Instagram continues to discriminate against people involved in the art. 

Why does such a large company like Instagram and Twitter still uses outdated principles of censorship, that are not defined clearly enough nor fulfilled, and deletes the accounts of talented photographers, models, and artists who do not violate the community guidelines? Instagram censorship rules and algorithms are so illiterate and not logical that accounts containing artwork are deleted, but at the same time accounts full of vulgar content, on the verge of pornography, continue to function normally on Instagram, which is confirmed by a high-profile case involving black model Nyom Nicholas-Williams, that two years ago influenced the change in the rules on Instagram regarding nudity policy.

Meanwhile, social networks such as Vkontakte, Reddit, and others adapted their platforms for people working in the art nude field.

Art Nude style of Photography is NOT pornographic content that Instagram photographers are accused of - it is ART. Art Nude Photography is a certain Culture, where the human body is an object of "art" created by nature itself, which in this case does not carry any sexual connotation. Photographers, artists, and models who invest their energy, time, soul, and money for years in their Instagram accounts which they use to find clients, but also to share their work with the world, develop and grow in their field of activity, are mercilessly removed by Instagram algorithms by hundreds every day. Thus, people are not only deprived of the opportunity to share their work with the outside world, but also taken away their direct earnings, which is why many photographers fall into a real depression. At the same time, Instagram tech support completely ignores the requests of its subscribers, thereby showing its true attitude towards users of its social network.

We, Anastasia Mihaylova and David Dubnitsky, are the authors of this petition and we are among the “victims” of Instagram’s slander and repressions towards our work, despite the observance of all current rules of the community guidelines and censoring our photos.

I, Anastasia M., am an Art Nude photographer and with my photographs I help people accept themselves, show the beauty of the human body and soul through the fusion of a person with nature and there is no sexual connotation in my photographs. Nevertheless, Instagram deleted several of my profiles and labeled my work as "porn and sexual harassment." Photos with a human eye, cat paws, and so on were also deleted. That shows the fundamentally incorrect work of the Instagram Algorithm.

David Dubnitsky is one of a small number of modern Ukrainian photographers who is known all over the world and who had almost 1.6 million followers on his Instagram profile, which he has been building for more than 4 years. David has a very recognizable style, in which the beauty of a woman's body is shown very gracefully and tastefully, each photograph has a story and a plot, without sexual connotation. But Instagram deleted and labeled his work as "porn and sexual harassment" too.

Due to the above, our community of photographers, artists, and models who work and develop in the field of "Art nude" photography, as well as members of the general public, put forward the following requirements to Twitter, Instagram and Mark Zuckerberg:

1.     Adapt the algorithm and work of Instagram and Twitter, and create human moderation to allow the existence of Art nude photography on platforms in closed accounts marked 18+, which only users who have reached the age of majority can view.

2.     Change the Instagram and Twitter account deletion and shadow ban policy. There must be very good reasons for deleting someone's account, and not just demolishing a few photos in a profile by an algorithm.

3.     Creation of live technical support with online chat and with other means of feedback from Instagram and Twitter.

4.     Revision of deleted accounts due to incorrect operation of the Instagram algorithm.

Let's make Instagram and Twitter a safe places for Art, where it is not discriminated against but is encouraged and protected


0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!