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Stop! DeadBeat/Greedy/Neglectful/Slum-oops!L/Lords!

It is not fair! that I a paying tenant on disability! Will soon be forced to move, because  of my l/lords greed & neglect! To pay his property taxes in 3yrs, where (I) live. It is hard to relocate when your on S.S.I., you have to recieve 2/3x's the rental fee monthly to move in a new address,look for a comfortable enviorment, application fees, If a tenant do not pay rent ''the law'' protect the rights of landlords, It is time for tenants rights to be protected against ''Slum/Greedy/Neglectful/LandLords" No More slaps on the wrist, He/She sleep good @ night, While tenant can not, due to an irresponsible L/Lord. The County should no longer foreclose & auction off the house/property, if tenant has lived there & paid rent, Therefore should be intitled to that property first! by acknowleding proir rent payments, adding that to value of the house & allowing tenant to pay taxes & rent with option to buy. please sign my petition,to help me reserve the right to stay @ my address & rent with option to buy, l/lord just want $,it's clear not the l/lord responsibilities of property.                     Thank You, Beverly M. Eason

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  • Prevent My Homelessness in N.C. due to neglectful L/lord...
    State of North Carolina/ Edgecombe County, Tarboro, N.C. 27886

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