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Stop and DCF for tearing apart good families

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My name is fawn morits my fiance Tyler Fontaine and I have a 7th month old daughter and DCF is trying to take her because they saying we neglected her people that know us know that me and Tyler love our little girl to death and would do anything for her she's never been sick she's never had a parade she's been to all her doctor's appointments on time and no going off of fake statement they know it's not true they had State people telling them that Autumn was not elected or abused like they're saying she was they have toward my family apart made me homeless and my fiance to live in a hotel with my daughter now they're telling us that I have to pretty much live on the streets till they think it's okay for us to live together they have no evidence to stand on they have they got told by my counselor I probation officers and the doctor's office that all them is not act like they are abused and that they don't not think that she's in any of harm under the same roof the golden my fiance work everyday install cam they go to my old apartment noise and that we do not live there anymore because they made a separate in Clinton for the apartment on my own they had been watching my my fiance's almost 2 weeks I don't think this is right I think DCF supercharged just like everyone else has for stocking and look alike and emotional abuse cuz this is emotional abuse report against my daughter moving her to home to home she's only seven months old she's never ever been away from her mom and dad now that I have to hand my daughter will go every weekend to my fiance in a hotel room because we cannot be in the same room together with her go under the same room because we're supposed to be dangerous. For anyone that knows me and Tyler know is that we're not danger to my daughter and that we have done everything for her so I'm asking for everyone to help with please the tearing apart good families that doesn't need to be torn apart we need to put a stop to this who's with me

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